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Hiking in Jet-ski

Initiation 30 minutes

The initiation is practiced on a delimited area off the bay.

This area is sheltered from the surrounding marine traffic and will allow you to navigate in an environment adapted to learning.

A view of the sea of Centuri, Corse, Fra

Discovery hike (1 hour)

From the bay of Santa Giulia you will take the cape of the Cerbicale Islands, archipelago less than 5 KM from the Gulf of Porto Vecchio.

The Cerbicale Islands consist of 4 islands and 2 islets. Ornithological reserves, the Cerbicale Islands are a refuge for endemic fauna and flora.

You can be alone or 2 people on the jet ski.

Hiking excursion (2 hours)

Direction the extreme south!

The Lavezzi Islands are located opposite Sardinia within the international marine park of the mouths of Bonifacio; protected paradise, small sheltered coves with crystal clear waters, we will take a break on a small beach (authorized for anchorages) which will allow you to visit the granite blocks and emerald waters on foot.

Aerial view of Lavezzi island near Corsi

1/2 day raid (4 hours)

Departure from Santa Giulia
Porto Novo
Pientarella ...
Gulfs and beaches that will enchant you, to arrive in Bonifacio where the gigantic limestone cliffs will welcome you, we will enter the caves where,  by jet ski, the feeling of freedom is incomparable.
A break in the cove of pirates; the return is via the Lavezzi Islands or a final and scheduled break.
Return to Santa Giulia.